Get Anybody to Like You within 60 Seconds or Less

One of the most powerful things that you can do in life is networking. Why?

If you can network with others, you will find like-minded people, who can help you get ahead professional and even personally. You don’t have to make everyone your best friend, but having cordial conversation, and getting people to like you will help you get along in these modern times.

Getting to a place where you are liked within a minute can be a challenge, but there are a few things you can do to make it easier.

The following things are what you should be doing right now in your conversation to get people to like you more.

  • Use Your Expressions

When you talk to people, make sure that you utilize your expressions properly.

Use your expressions to show that you’re interested, that you’re listening. This includes nodding, showing different facial expressions, agreeing where there is a point of agreement, and interject when there are questions asked. You need to look as though you’re paying close attention to what they are saying. If you can get eye contact, that really helps.

Do not look off into the distance, and don’t lose focus, pay attention and use your expressions as they will help you give off the idea that you’re interested.

  • Ask Follow Up Questions

As you go along with anyone in conversation, make sure that you ask follow up questions to what they are discussing. Make the questions specific to what they are discussing, or about them.

People love to talk about themselves, even if they won’t admit it. Your goal is to get them talking about themselves, and your goal is to show that you’re interested in them at a deeper level.

If you can convey that message through your expressions, and questions, they will remember that after the fact.

  • Give Them Quick Compliments

When introducing yourself, and in conversation make sure that you find something to compliment the other person about.

For instance, if they have a cool hat, tell them so. If they have good taste in liquor, coffee, or anything you’re discussing, get them talking about that. Compliment them, and make sure that you are sincere in your speech.

A compliment goes a long way.

  • Ask for Their Name and Reinforce It

When you meet new people, get someone’s name, and then use it in conversation. Repeating their name while you’re talking will help you get liked faster.

Get their name, make a mental note, then use their name at least twice as you converse with them. If you forget their name, apologize and ask for their name again, then keep going.

There’s a reason why people cite Dale Carnegie when discussing the sound of names, as people love the sound of their own name.

If you like more advanced strategies to effectively get anybody to like you fast, take a look at the First Impression Express.

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