How to Rejuvenate Your Skin Naturally

You probably think that your skin is one solitary layer that adheres to your body, but it’s not. The skin is made up of several dermal layers creating the surface of how we look.

For the most part, cosmetic makeup and any element placed topically on the skin are used to cover blemishes and other skin problems.

Now there’s nothing wrong with them for enhancing one’s appearance, but if you want to rejuvenate natural, healthy skin, you’ll need to take some steps away from the makeup counter and start focusing on natural elements to regain skin elasticity.

In other words, let’s perform a skin detox.

Step 1 – Stop Putting on Make Up

This is not forever, mind you. While you’re looking to reveal and revitalize your skin, you’ll want to stop putting this stuff on the skin for the time being. You’ll want to go through a skin detox process.

That being said, take at least a weekend to avoid putting on anything on your face. Instead, you’re going to allow the skin cells to breathe, and produce natural oils and remove toxicity naturally.

This is the beginning step. If you break out, that’s ok, you’ll find that it is just the skin’s way of removing toxicity.

Step 2 – Wash Your Face with Moisturizing Soap

Look for an all-natural moisturizing soap. You should wash your face with this type of soap before bed.

You need the ingredients to sit on your face for at least a few minutes to penetrate the dermal layers. You’ll feel better and your skin will start to regain their youthful appearance.

This doesn’t happen overnight, so you will need to do this every day you’re not wearing makeup.

Step 3 – Apply Nutrient Rich Moisturizing Cream

Find a natural, botanical moisturizing cream and apply it on the third day of your detox.

You want to give your skin a little bit of moisture, and nutrients that come from botanicals. This will help your cells regrow and the dead skin sweep away faster.

You will find that this will feel refreshing and you will be able to look younger, feel better, and start to see your natural beauty start to shine through.

The biggest thing to remember about your skin detox is to not use makeup. Makeup is going to derail your goal here. Do this detox at least once a month and over time, you will rely less on makeup to cover up skin flaws but instead rejuvenate flawless skin.

For more skin care best practices, you can find them all customized for the different skin types within Skin Care Express.

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