Increase Physical Endurance to Get Through Long Work Days

Being on your feet all day can be hell. Even if you’re a runner, or are active daily, it’s just a grueling thing to work through.

To reduce fatigue, and gain endurance as well as stamina, there are a few things that you can start doing today that are not only going to help you push through your days but also be more energetically active as well.

Although won’t manifest results overnight, they will help you build towards a better work day.

  • Change Up Your Workout

In order to gain valuable endurance, you should start walking then after a minute start running, then jog, then walk again. This is called interval training. You want to push your body through different intervals of exertion so that you are able to train your lungs to utilize air efficiently. This also helps with muscle memory, and stamina.

Warm up for 10 minutes, then take on a challenge of walking, running, and jogging intervals at around 1 minute to 2 minutes each, alternating after segmented energy rushes.

  • Start Lifting Weights

OK for all you muscle meathead snobs, we’re not talking to you right now. The goal here is not to bulk up. You want to reduce fat cells and increase muscle tissue across your body. This also helps with oxygen, circulation, and stamina.

If you just work on aerobics, you will not build the right muscle components to help you over time. Weight lifting helps create better circulation, and gives your body a stress test that will pay off when you’re going through tough days on your feet. Again, this is not to “bulk” up, it’s to help burn fat, and create striated muscle across your body.

  • Start Swimming

This may seem odd for some. The thing is, swimming offers you several benefits across the board.

Your body is going to regulate oxygen, and exert a lot of stress through your muscles. It may seem easy at first, but after a few laps, you’ll be fatigued. This will boost your stamina and your lung capacity will rise exponentially. You want your lung capacity to increase to improve your movements and endurance during daily activities. If you can get more oxygen into your lungs, and distributed throughout your body, you will not feel strain and exhausted as fast.

Swimming is just an excellent substitution for running of engaging your full-body muscles instead of concentrating too much impact on the lower part of the body, yet in the same process swimming can make you a better marathon runner as well.

As you can see, there are several ways that you can approach improving endurance, just make sure that you change things up often, so that you don’t stagnate.

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