Improvisation Express: Know How to Improvise and Think Fast on Your Feet

Have you ever found yourself being put on the spot talking to somebody unexpectedly or being placed in the spotlight giving an impromptu speech to random people where you have idea what to say? What about finding yourself in some kind of either trouble needing to sweet talk or emergency needing to react properly to get your way out of it?

In situations like these, what’s the most important thing you have to be able to do? You have to think fast! And think fast on your feet to come up with the right response and reaction.

We all want to say the right things at the right time, every time, to get the best ideal outcome like in the movies but, reality check, this is real life where we are not bound by polished scripts with plenty of retakes.

The good news, however, you can hone your quick-thinking ability to do so through improvisation, or improv.

Improv is a form of acting from the theater that can help anybody think faster because it’s rooted entirely on performers acting without a script while being on their toes and in the moment to make the scene as interesting and effective as possible. That’s what improv can do!

So let’s borrow improv from the theater to help you in the real world. This relates mostly to conversation, but the skill itself can be applied for whenever you need quick mental reflexes and fast thinking.

By taking the “Improvisation Express,” your destination includes:

– How to increase your mental energy and creativity flow with improv games to think faster on your feet.

– How to use a simple formula to keep conversation going and make active choices for engaging interaction.

– How to be in the moment and adventurous so you never have to be stale and stuck on what to say or do next.

– How to improve observational skills to be aware of your setting and be in tune to the other person’s vibe.

– How to determine the best character and way you should interact with people based upon predefined relationships.

Also, personalized hands-on exercises and applications to put everything into action on how improvise like a pro.

and much more.

The things you’ll be able to do and the skills you’ll possess are not just IMPROVisation skills…but are IMPROVement skills for any area of your life.

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